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RAW : Where Quality Meets Craftsmanship

For people who likes to smoke with Raw Rolling Papers, Your every rolling paper wrap is meaningful to you. It occurs all the time as cannabis and rolling paper are wasted. But, You can equip your rolling paper smoke experience good with essential rolling paper accessories which will may help you.

  • Rolling Machines :

    Rolling machines are devices that help you to roll cigarettes or joints more quickly and evenly. This device comes in various sizes to accommodate different rolling paper sizes and are especially useful for beginners or those having problem with handling.
  • Wooden Poker Sticks :

    For ideal packing and poking, RAW hardwood pokers are conically formed, smoothed, and polished. They are anti-static and made to be non-stick, so nothing will stick to them! These pokers are all naturally occurring, so each one has an own grain pattern and color.
  • Filters or Tips :

    Filters, also known as tips or crutches, provide structure to the end of a joint or cigarette, making it easier to hold and preventing burnt fingers. They can be made from materials like cardboard, glass, or reusable materials like silicone.
  • Rolling Trays :

    Rolling trays provide a flat and clean surface for rolling. They often have compartments for holding rolling papers, filters, and ground herbs, helping to keep your rolling area organized.
  • Ashtrays :

    An ashtray is a convenient accessory for holding ash and butts while smoking. Some ashtrays come with features like built-in holders for rolling papers and lighters.